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Training Service

At our core, we believe in cultivating a life free from anxiety for both you and your canine companion. Within the complexities of human environments, it's essential for dogs to undergo conditioning and adaptation to lead lives filled with joy and devoid of anxiety. Our training methodologies are centered on this philosophy, aiming to enrich your dog's life and in turn, enhance your experience with your faithful friend without the stress.

Our training approach is grounded in the principles of positive reinforcement, diverse environmental exposure, and steadfast consistency—key elements we consider critical for achieving lasting success. More than just training your dog, we're committed to empowering you with the essential knowledge and guidelines to sustain the training outcomes at home and mitigate any potential regressions. Whether you're navigating the early stages of puppy house training, addressing behavioral challenges in adult dogs, or aspiring to elevate your dog's abilities to impressive new heights, our team is dedicated to your support.

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Leading our team of highly skilled trainers are
Trainer 1


Boasting 15 years of extensive dog training experience, augmented by international certifications, Mark is akin to a living dog encyclopedia. His approach to training is customized, considering your unique needs, your dog's breed, and their living environment.

Trainer 2


Initially honing his skills in the rigorous discipline of military dog training, Alden's profound affection for dogs guided him towards aiding our civilian canine pals. His expertise spans from foundational potty training and basic obedience to advanced agility and protection training, setting the stage for transforming your dog into a veritable world champion.

With our team's unparalleled expertise and compassionate approach, we're here to ensure that both you and your dog embark on a harmonious journey together, filled with happiness and free from worry.

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Puppy programs

All our puppy programs cover the essentials for a a stress free life at home

Potty training

Walking on leash

Basic behavior

Basic commands


Stay and train

We lay the foundation at our facility and then support you via home sessions to achieve the training target in your environment.

  • 3 weeks stay in the facility
  • 2 optional training sessions in the facility
  • 2 at home sessions post the facility stay


Daycare and train

We support you for two months until your puppy is of age!

  • 32 Daycare days (16 per month)
  • Additional 4 sessions in the facility with you (excluding transport)

AED Per Month

At home training

For the enthusiasts that want to train their pup but need support and guidance along the way

  • 7 Sessions at home (once per week)
  • Online support as needed



Our trainers will introduce techniques along with the variety of environments in our facility to help your dog become social and remove anxiety 

10 daycare days (Excluding transport)
1250  AED

Behavior reconditioning and all others

For specific behavior request and all other advanced trainings we start with an assessment to design a tailored program for you

30 Min assessment online or in our facility
Free of charge
1 Hour assessment at home
300  AED

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